Wes Clark comments just a media tempest in a teapot

2 thoughts on “Wes Clark comments just a media tempest in a teapot”

  1. As a former general who ran for president in 2004 under the platform of military experience, Gen. Clark should not have made this comment. He could have at least worded it differently. Military experience is not a qualification for president, but shouldn’t be made a target for belittlement. I like the guy, but this is totally unacceptable.
    While I appreciated the distinctions he was trying to make, I agree that he should have stayed away from the subject altogether, particularly since he was a general. He should have known better.

  2. I think that the thing that has some people up in arms about this statement is that it seemed to be said, to somehow lessen McCain in order to build up Obama. The fact, as the interviewer pointed out, that Obama doesn’t have the experience that Clark criticized McCain for not having. And the feeble offer of good communication skills and judgment (where’s the demonstration of this?) as to why Obama is a better candidate was weak and really non-sensical.

    He didn’t have go after McCain in that way in order to talk up Obama. In short, it just seemed like a cheap shot and that is probably why people got bent out of shape about it.

    I don’t think he was speaking as an Obama surrogate, as McCain supporters claim, but more as a surrogate wannabe. He tripped over his own ambition to be Obama’s veep.

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