Testing: This is WP’s new sticky post feature

WordPress announced a new “sticky post” feature this morning. I didn’t know this was in the pipeline but I love anything that adds flexibility to my blog presentation. I’ve seen it used on game forums and boards and it can be extremely useful for keeping a hot topic at the top of the page.

Note: Cool! You can stick more than one post to your front page, as shown below. (Post “unstuck” at 7 pm.)

2 thoughts on “Testing: This is WP’s new sticky post feature

  1. What the? I had no idea PT ~ you little techno geek 🙂 Love ya!
    Except because I unstuck it, it is no longer an example of a sticky. But at least you can read about it on your dashboard or the WP FAQ. Haven’t figured out a good use for it yet. Maybe notices that I’ll be away for a week, or stuff I want to be sure all my readers see.

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