Bird’s eye view of Rocky Mountain NP protest

8 thoughts on “Bird’s eye view of Rocky Mountain NP protest”

  1. What a great idea to use the webcams!
    Little steps, but results look promising.
    Supposed to be a big protest Sat in Smokey MTS Sat. and CA has multiple protest, too.
    This isn’t about recreation and hiking – it’s about jobs that feed families – and that promise to help CO flood areas.
    March on. Those are OUR parks – not the Federal Government’s or the NPS.
    Great job governors!

    1. Yes, it’s absolutely about jobs and economic well-being. In Colorado, especially, there are a jillion places for recreation, hiking, and tourism outside of national parks.

    1. Darrell, thanks so much for sharing this!! I was hoping someone who was there might find this blog and provide some more information, but I never expected a video. This is wonderful.

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