Because storms are magnificent


It follows that if this is Nicolaus Wegner‘s “Stormscapes 3,” there must have been a “Stormscapes” and a “Stormscapes 2,” which there were.

I found this thanks to a Slate article by Phil Plait. He notes that much of it was shot near Limon, Colorado, about 90 miles southeast of where he lives, which by my reckoning puts him in the Denver metro. That’s two more reasons for me to love this video — not that I needed them.

If you’re in the mood, watch all three videos in full screen mode with the volume at an appropriate level (I found the music a bit harsh on the second one). All are wonderful, but the last is definitely the best. I still have goosebumps.

Note: I was slow to leverage the technology at my disposal. This video is also posted on YouTube, which means I was able to use my Xbox to play it on the TV. Big picture, big sound. Wow!

7 thoughts on “Because storms are magnificent

  1. Very nice. Nature is awesome, and despite supercomputers, still unpredictable beyond a few days. Right now, we here in Joplin seem to be in the crosshairs of a massive storm front moving laterally up from Texas. The radar shows it still extending all the way down to Austin. The rain started yesterday and is still going with no end in sight. The streams, rivers and ponds are overflowing. Climate-change deniers are running out of excuses. Time to send for ark-building plans? 🙂

    1. The weather, especially east of here, has been crazy this month. Tornadoes at Christmas? 70 degree days in the Northeast? And now the front you mention promises to bring even more unseasonable and destructive weather. I won’t point to one event, one year, or even one decade as proof of climate change. But we are certainly seeing some unusual and dangerous weather patterns. Best have have both your storm shelter and the ark ready, just in case.

    1. It is! I can’t believe it took me so long to think of it. I’m so used to the grandkids using the YouTube access to watch “My LIttle Pony” or something else I can’t stand.

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