Dunes in the mountains

This breathtaking image of Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park is from photographer Nate Zeman of Breckenridge, Colo. He was captivated, as am I, by the contrast between the jagged, snowy Sangre de Cristo mountains and the smooth, warm dunes in the foreground. Those unfamiliar with these dunes might almost think the image is a fake, with the dunes superimposed on the mountains. But the dunes do exist, thousands of miles from the nearest ocean, and are the highest in North America (rising to more than 700 feet).

How big are the dunes? …

8 thoughts on “Dunes in the mountains

  1. We have our own set of sand dunes down here and they’re all white. The mountains in the background are not as dramatic as yours as these mountains are the end of the Rockies. Just kind of petering out. But the white is such a start contrast to the blue sky. I guess sledding is a big thing to do there…..

    1. There was a recent tv show, a repeat I’m sure, that told all about how the dunes are formed in this particular location. The perfect combination of large valley, mountain range, and prevailing winds. But aside from that, the contrast in the photo is mind boggling.

    1. And I’d have been delighted to be your host and guide. I haven’t seen these dunes for myself. It’s a 4-5 hour drive to get there. I couldn’t drive down and back in one day and still spend some quality time there.

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