Curiosity’s killing the cat

This is part of the Mueller Report released by the Justice Department. Looks almost like an abstract pattern for fabric.

That’s some pretty intense redaction in some places. Why? What’s on those pages that are almost completely obscured? It certainly piques my curiosity. Maybe that’s because the media have already picked over and reported everything else.

Still … don’t you wonder?

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  1. “Democracy dies in darkness.”

  2. I wonder how much of it is Grand Jury testimony. And I wonder how many of us are willing to abandon it’s privileged status because we hate Trump so much. I fear our hatred for him may cause us to ignore the logical reasons for the existence of some laws and traditions. And… how much of this fear is being orchestrated. I no longer trust… which is what the Russians intended.

    • I just don’t trust Barr’s redactions, since he’s Trump’s lackey. It should be obvious to Congress and the media which redactions are privileged Grand Jury testimony and which are not. Congress and the media shouldn’t corrupt our system of government any more than Trump should.

      I agree that the Russians worked to get Trump elected, knowing the chaos he would create.

  3. What we don’t know in Muelers Report — we may know.

  4. I’m sure you’re long familiar with them, but google the FOIA exemptions – thinking about them along with the context might give the reader some ideas on what could be in those redacted portions. We had to take training before doing redactions ourselves, then our work would go thru legal review, too. Of course, that was on a much, um, lower level, than this report–

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