Women plan to march October 2

Galvanized by the passage of the highly restrictive new anti-abortion law in Texas, a nationwide women’s march is being planned for October 2, two days before the Supreme Court reconvenes. Women’s March and more than 90 other organizations are mobilizing in every state. Those wishing to participate can sign up now. Details for local events are becoming available elsewhere on the site (select “Type of event” at top of page), but checking local sources is suggested.

Women’s marches in 2017 and 2018 drew worldwide support. The catalyst then was Donald Trump, but this time it’s more than an antithetical political position. This time it’s an existential threat to Roe v. Wade and women’s reproductive rights.

Unfortunately, there is a covid pandemic still raging, but perhaps organizers think vaccinations, masks, and the great outdoors will protect participants.

For one of many detailed discussions of the Court’s decision and effects of the Texas law, see Politico’s “What the Texas Law Really Means for Abortion in America.”

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