Oh, Joe

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  1. I’m starting to think that Presidents continue to choose Vice Presidents who are in no way a threat to them. Their own need to have all the attention and be the only one with the answers hurts this country more than it helps. Just another way that politics is in no way about what’s best for the people, but rather about how to get elected.

    Let me just also mention that while the comment itself could be taken in context and not sound as terrible, Mr. Biden’s awful and completely blatant attempt to speak with an accent like that of his audience was embarrassing.

    1. Embarrassing? That’s an understatement. I was mortified. Appalled. Aghast. You get the idea.

      Yep, we the people are the last thing on any politician’s list of priorities. And since getting elected is virtually a full-time job these days …

    2. It was down right horrible. The man is just an idiot and someone needs to flick the man continuously in the forehead for it. Seriously he’s the Vice President and I consider that an important role in the government, and that man has no right to fill it. I’m considering your idea about President’s choosing their VP’s so as they don’t shine nearly as much as them and that pretty much hits the nail on the head.

  2. If I were in the audience and heard this, I’d probably just blow it off. It’s Joe Bidden. But I’m not surprised the Reds picked it up and ran with it. It’s that season. If you give your enemy a sword, don’t expect them not to stab you with it.

    1. Yep, worse than any cat fight I’ve ever seen. And in front of the whole country. Candidates for the leadership of the nation. It’s so demeaning, so discouraging and depressing.

  3. I think Biden let his enthusiasm get the better of him here by using this unfortunate metaphor. He was seeking one that his audience could identify with, and while I agree it is extreme, just think about this for a minute.

    What happened because of the loss of Glass-Steagall and the housing crisis when Wall Street bundled and sold faulty mortgages? The bankers got rich, and then got bailed out by the taxpayers – and that includes those who pay only payroll taxes, a not inconsiderable tax. We are still weighted down with those financial chains and millions are still threatened with foreclosure. Maybe a better metaphor would be the bankers throwing us lead life preservers.

    1. Oh he was right about the bankers and the chains. He was doing fine until he threw in that gratuitous “put y’all back in chains” with the phony accent. That was the groaner. Fake, condescending, and more than a little racist, considering the audience was half black.

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