McCain’s debate dodge is desperate political theatrics

2 thoughts on “McCain’s debate dodge is desperate political theatrics”

  1. I don’t know what is worse, McCain changing his mind like he changes his underwear OR Obama not saying anything; waiting to see what people want to hear, than saying it so elequently.
    You sound like my son. I prefer to think Obama is thoughtfully weighing all the options before he speaks. With McCain, I worry what will happen when one of his snap decisions is wrong — like bombing Iran and then saying, “Oops” or losing his temper during some critical foreign negotiations.

  2. I agree. That brief decision by McCain was definitely just political pandering. Everyone saw through it, which is – I guess – why he changed his mind.
    It was worse than pandering. He risked upsetting (and some say he did upset) some very delicate negotiations that were critical to the nation’s economic well-being. This from a man who has said himself he knows little about economics and who claims to put “country first.”

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