Unidentified signal disables openers on 40 garage doors

6 thoughts on “Unidentified signal disables openers on 40 garage doors”

  1. We had a strangely similar event that eventually was explained. Our garage door would mystically open… or close … or both seemingly without explanation. Conspiracy theories abounded. Until my human discovered that my fondness for laying in the front seat of his “topless” Jeep was accompanied by my paws stepping on the remote he left attached to the console.

  2. PT, this resonates with my own experience. My father is a radio amateur wireless operator. A few years ago his hobby caused untold problems when his next door neighbours bought touch-sensitive laps – you know, the ones which don’t need a switch, you just touch them and they respond. Dad gets up early to transmit, and his signals were turning the neighbour’s bedside lamps on in the small hours! Caused a right rumpus!

    Maybe some amateur has boosted his signal a little….

    1. That’s hilarious! I imagine it took a while to figure out what was going on and why. I still haven’t heard if they figured out what was going on in the above neighborhood.

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