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  1. An interesting site. Thanks, PT.

    A month or so ago I came across an article about Magic Jack and almost downloaded its software, but sanity set in and I realized its shortcomings. We turn our computer off at night and put it to sleep during inactive periods during the day.

    This made me think of one infomercial product we have that actually turned out very good, the Shark sweeper. I note that ConsumerSearch lists a “Shark Navigator Lift-away” which is similar, but ours has no canister. After seeing one in an infomercial we saw it at Walmart and got it there. It is an amazingly simple device, a small two-speed electric motor, a lithium battery (probably the most expensive part), and a belt-driven brush. Light and hence very easy to use it sweeps up everything a vacuum does. The debris goes into a simple tray that just pulls out to dump in the trash. All its efficiency is in the design – I would never have believed it could compete with a real vacuum, but it does – we have an installed vacuum system, but the hoses are still a pain to drag around and Mollie uses the Shark instead. We’re on our second one now – I’ve taken it apart once to scrub some sticky residue off the brush.

    But wait, there’s more! (Naw, just kidding. There isn’t any more. 😆 )

  2. I’ve long been of the belief that an evolving (continuing to be free of political involvement) internet will render most government monopoly watchdog agencies extinct. This site appears to be another in that direction. Yea!

    1. I love what the Internet has done when it comes to researching products before purchase. All the reviews, the cautions, other people’s experiences, etc. I don’t know how I ever made an informed decision before. Of course, now you have to be wary of manufacturers and retailers who flood the reviews with fake positive comments.

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